Blogs: Y1 2015-16

Yesterday, was the final Forest learning for 1SH. We had a lovely time at Bramblefields. We showed off what we know about forest learning by remembering all the rules! Thank you to all the adults who have helped us this year.
This afternoon in Year 1, we used shoeboxes and tissue paper to make a nature reserve. We collected leaves and twigs to make it too. We also looked at webcams of different habitats such as zoo enclosures! Take a look at some of our nature reserves
1AC had a super morning for forest learning. We found lots of tadpoles in the pond and many other minibeasts including a dragonfly.


In 1SH today, it was healthy eating day. We made some kebabs with fruit. We ate them in school and we had fun! The kebabs were delicious and tasty. We learnt that fruit is healthy.

Written with help from some of 1SH.

1AC had a great trip to the recycling centre today. We also learnt lots about recycling. We enjoyed looking around the site and made some elephants out of milk cartons! We are now much more aware of what to put in each bin and we will try to recycle as much as we can!
Thank you to everyone at the centre and all the adults who came to help.
1SH had a lovely trip to Waterbeach recycling centre. We learnt lots about recycling and what should/ should not go into each bin. We went on a tour of the site and saw lots of the machines working. It was very interesting!
Year 1 have had a great science day today. We found out about where is the best place to grow cress seeds. The ones on the window sill grew best because they had sunlight as well as water to grow.
In the afternoon we enjoyed making cress heads using egg boxes. We are looking forward to seeing our cress hair grow! We also made some egg and cress sandwiches and planted more seeds out in the school garden.
What a busy week we've had in Year 1!
Yesterday in forest learning 1AC had a wonderful time. We caught lots of big tadpoles and some frogs. We also found a hedgehog that was trapped by the fence! Luckily Mrs Bell and some of the children dug a hole and managed to free him!