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Friday 14th July 2017
This week in forest schools we fired a cannon! Well, not quite, but we made a good representation by attaching a balloon to straight string and then letting go! Have a look at our video. We talked about how it travelled.
Yesterday morning and this morning the children went to their new classes in year 1. Yesterday they had an ice cream with their new teacher! All the children had their attendance reward too - a cinema in the classroom, complete with popcorn! Well done to all the children on their hard work with attendance this year.  
Tuesday 4th July 2017
Mrs Taylor and I would like to say a huge well done to all the children for their fantastic efforts and participation in our sports morning. There was a lovely sense of sportsmanship and good spirit and it helped us to have a successful and enjoyable morning. Also thank you to all the parents, family and friends that came along to cheer the children on!
Mrs Joyce :) 
Wednesday 28th June 2017
Since we last wrote, both classes have been busy practising for their class assemblies. RLJ's was on Friday and the children did a fantastic job of sharing the things that we did during our wedding topic. RTR's is this Friday, and we are looking forward to seeing them share what htey have been learning during Forest School sessions.
We have also been very busy with our topic of Pirates over the last few weeks. We have even been doing piratey things like walking the plank during forest schools!
Thursday 15th June 2017
Today was Health Day and we visited different classrooms (including Year 1 and Year 2!) to complete some healthy eating day activities. Some of us made bagels with healthy toppings, whilst others made fruit salads. RLJ also made cress caterpillars while RTR thought about where food comes from and how it grows. It was a very busy day!
Wednesday 14th June 2017
This week we have begun our new topic of Pirates! We have learnt the story/song Port Side Pirates and been practising retelling and rewriting it. In maths we are revisiting addition and have been solving some pirate problems!
Friday 9th June 2017
This week was economy week and we have been learning about money. We explored the value of coins, went on a money hunt and practised spending money in our classroom shop.  
Wednesday 7th June 2017
This week we have been writing about things that we are really interested in or just really like! We used our fine motor skills to cut out our favourite characters, including Spiderman and Disney Princesses, then wrote what we thought they were saying in speech bubbles.
In forest schools this week RLJ escaped the torrential downpours that deterred RTR on Tuesday. Both classes got creative though, building with tubes and cardboard and making their own paper!
Our ducklings are now ENORMOUS after the half-term break and we will be saying goodbye to them at the end of this week. They need far more room now than we can give them at school.
Thursday 25th May 2017
Well this afternoons wedding was just fantastic! Thank you so much to Mrs Saha who helped us so much with the ceremony and for bringing in the gorgeous outfits for the bride and groom! Have a look at our photos below to see what happened.
Thursday 25th May 2017
Today is wedding day! This morning we have had Mehndi patterns on our hands. We had to be very patient while we waited for them to dry before washing them off. It was tricky for some of us to keep our hands still!
A big thank you to Mrs Begum, Mrs Saha and Ahmed for their fantastic skill at applying the henna!
Wednesday 24th May 2017
A lot has happened since our last entry, but due to technical difficulties we have been unable to report it! Although you can see the main event on our Twitter feed!
On Friday, we watched live as some of our ducklings hatched. There were four that hatched throughout the day, and Mr Crook helped the last one hatch on Saturday afternoon. All five are doing very well! We are trying to upload the video of the first one hatching, but please be patient as the computer is being a bit tricky!
We have also been learning about Hinduism and how a Hindu wedding differs from a Christian wedding. We have written our own promises, which are a bit like the vows that the bride and groom say when they get married.
In maths we have been learning to double, which is easy really as you just have to add the same number again! Our activity to practise this doubled up as a wedding prep activity; we made lovely colourful paper chains!
Wednesday 17th May 2017
Yesterday was the most fabulous day! Warm weather and fabulously dressed guests framed the most perfect day for a wedding. The ceremony was beautiful, the bride looked radiant as she walked down the aisle arm in arm with her father, and the groom looked like the happiest chap alive. The afternoon reception was full of high spirits, the speeches were short and sweet, just the way they should be, and the first dance was magical. All in all, probably the best day of our lives!
Monday 15th May 2017
Today flew by! This morning two ladies from Tesco came in to help us with some cooking for our wedding buffet tomorrow, bringing lots of ingredients with them. We spent the whole morning making our wedding feast; cheese and pineapple on sticks, baking and decorating cakes and making pizzas. We can't wait to enjoy eating it tomorrow! This afternoon we had our Chick and Fawn parties. There was lots of dancing involved as well as games and making hats!
Thursday 11th May
This week we have continued to prepare for our Reception Wedding, which is happening on Tuesday! We have written invitations and orders of service, practised singing our ceremony songs and sorted out the seating plan! What a nightmare that was. Some guests couldn't be on the same table as each other because they don't get along, and we don't want arguments at a wedding! It really tested our maths problem solving skills but it was good to have a challenge!
Thursday 4th May 2017
Today we were talking about weddings. We looked at photos of Mrs Farooki's wedding and we also watched a video of her ceremony. Mrs Farooki put on her wedding dress and she looked like a princess! She was beautiful! This afternoon we saw some of Mrs Joyce's wedding photos and some of us even tried her wedding dress on. It was a bit too big!
Monday 24th April 2017
Today RLJ were back in the nature area for forest learning, and we were happy that the rain held off. The pond has a new liner and looks completely different and the trees were dry enough to climb. Have a look at the children's brilliant climbing skills in the photos below.
Friday 21st April 2017
This week we have been reading some dinosaur facts and trying to remember them! Today we practised saying these out loud and then wrote sentences to create a class Dinosaur Fact File book! Below are just some examples of the children's fantastic writing!
Wednesday 19th April 2017
A very warm welcome back to all the children! We have had an intriguing start to the summer term; eggs were found in RTR and RLJ this morning. There were seven eggs in total, all much larger than chick eggs and one was even green! We don't know how they got into Reception or what type of creature laid them. We have decided incubate them and will have to wait and see what hatches...
Tuesday 21st March 2017
BREAKING NEWS! There have been back to back break ins in the Reception classrooms this week. Yesterday, RTR children came back from the weekend to find the classroom in upheaval, and today RLJ experienced the same. Luckily, some evidence was left which the children have been busy investigating. Large footprints went from the outside doors and across the classroom, leading to brown eggs and upturned chairs / tuff spot. 
Immediately, the children came to a foregone conclusion...
It must be a DINOSAUR!!!
Friday 17th March 2017
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today we have learnt some Irish Dancing. "You have to keep your hands still and kick your legs in the middle." (RLJ's take on Irish dancing!). We have also been cooking. We made onion pakora's with Mrs Begum. For the recipe, have a look on the homework sheet that is going home in book bags today. 
Wednesday 15th March 2015
Just a quick entry to share some of the outstanding writing that Reception children did last week. We innovated the story of Dear Zoo to become Dear Wildlife Park, and used our visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park to inspire our choice of replacement animals! I think you'll agree, this writing was worth waiting for!
Monday 13th March 2017
RLJ enjoyed glorious spring weather today as we headed out to forest schools in the school nature area. The dry weather also meant that the children could climb trees, and boy are they getting good at it!
Tuesday 7th March 2017
In maths this week we have been learning to estimate. An estimate is a bit like a guess, but you have to put a bit of thought into it to! We played a game with a partner where one of us would grab a quantity of objects, count to 3, then cover it with a piece of paper. Our partner had to estimate how many there were. Then to find out, we counted them! Some of us found it very tricky not to count all of the objects straight away and instead thinking about whether we thought it was more or less than 5, 10, 20 etc, then basing our estimate on that knowlegde. 
There is a useful game to play under the Learning Links on our Curriculum Page to practise estimating, see how you get on! 
Wednesday 1st March 2017
I think there are going to be some tired children tonight - what a very busy and active day we had at Shepreth Wildlife Park! We all had a great time exploring the park and seeing the animals, as well as having the chance to stroke or hold a stick insect and be tickled by a giant millipede! Here are just some of the many photos we took, there may be more to follow!
Tuesday 28th February 2017
This week we have continued to practise subtraction. We have learnt different methods including taking objects away, crossing out, counting back or jumping back on the number line. In our group activities we used blobs of play dough alongside a number line, squishing the number of blobs that needed to be subtracted! Some of us played subtraction skittles, where we rolled a ball to knock over cups, then counted how many were left standing. We even recorded our answers by completing the number sentence.
Friday 24th February 2017
This week we started our new topic of Dear Zoo. We learnt the story and retold it using sequencing language, first, next, then, finally. We also had lots of fun thinking about why we would send different animals back to the zoo; maybe they were too dangerous or terrifying! We also thought about what a good pet would be; fluffy, soft, cuddly and friendly were all popular choices!
Friday 10th February 2017
What a busy few weeks we have had, sorry that we haven't written in a while! We worked very hard to prepare for our Goldilocks Cafe; writing invitations, shopping lists, going shopping for ingredients, baking, writing menus and then finally hosting our Cafe! Thank you to everyone who came and supported the children in their first real job!
Tuesday 31st January 2017
We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who attended our Maths Workshop this morning. We hope you found it useful and enjoyed spending some time playing maths based games with your children. For those of you who were unable to attend, the handouts will be sent home this week. Please speak to the Reception staff if there is anything you are unsure about when supporting your child at home, we are always happy to help!
Thursday 26th January 2017
We have been continuing our topic of Goldilocks the last few days and enjoyed learning the story to retell. We realised Baby Bear was quite sad that his chair had been broken, so had a go at making him a new one! We had to make sure that it wasn't too big, small, hard or soft and that it was just right; this meant testing and adapting our chairs as we went along. Perseverance is a hard skill to learn, but this activity taught us that it is definitely needed!
Monday 23rd January 2017 
Today we brought our Bears (and other cuddly toys) to school for our Goldilocks Cafe. We had a great time choosing our breakfast from a yummy menu which included toast and jam, juice, bear toast and of course, porridge! Some of the children wrote down the orders and we all had a go at making our breakfast. Thank you to our reading volunteers who kindly got involved in the food preparation and clear up operation.
Thursday 19th January 2017
We have been continuing our topic of Winter this week with some icy experiments! This afternoon we compared a frozen balloon to a balloon filled with water. The one with water was squishy and soft, but the balloon with ice was hard and freezing! Our investigation was to find out 'Where will ice melt the quickest?'. We thought of ideas of where to put the balloons; Marbella, Brazil and America were all suggestions as these places are hot! However, we decided the ice would probably melt before we got there. In the end, RLJ decided on putting one icy balloon in the sun, one in the water tray and the third on the floor (the children learnt that the heater in our classroom was actually under the floor!). Then we made a bar chart with our predictions. Where would you have put your vote?
Friday 13th January 2017
This week we have started our new topic of Winter. We read the story Lost and Found and watched the animation. In literacy we wrote the beginning, middle and end parts of the story and wow, we were so impressed with the children's writing! 
Today it was French Day and we were very lucky as Ms Morel, who is from France, read us a story in French! We learned some facts and even painted some pictures in the style of Claude Monet. 
Friday 6th January 2017
Welcome back to the Spring term! It was great to see all the children back at school after a well deserved holiday. Today we had a good catch up and found out what everyone got up to during the break.  We  also made new year's resolutions, have a look at some below. The children chose very wisely!
Monday 12th December 2016
Since we last wrote, Reception have been extremely busy enjoying Christmas! We have had lots of rehearsals for our Christmas Performance, which is approaching very quickly! If you are lucky enough to be coming to watch, I'm sure you will be impressed with their fantastic efforts. The children have also been writing lists for Father Christmas, Christmas cards and letters or notes to the elves! 
Thursday 1st December 2016
This week we have started Christmas! We have read Peppa Pig's Christmas Post and begun making Christmas cards. We have also been very busy singing and dancing in preparation for our Christmas Performance - it's two weeks today! In maths we have described where Peppa Pig has been hiding using positional language e.g. in front of, next to, behind etc.
Oh and one more thing...
Friday 25th November 2016
This week Reception have read the story of The Gingerbread Man. The children have been very busy with Gingerbread Man activities, including counting, adding and writing sentences! We have been super impressed with how they have tackled these new challenges. Have a look at some of their work below. Well done Reception!
Friday 18th November 2016
It's been a while since our last blog entry, but boy have we been busy! This week was our final week of The Little Red Hen. We have made our own bread rolls but not the kind you buy at the shops. We had to make them as exciting as possible for a chance of winning the Great Reception Bread Bake Off! Some were snail shaped, others were like mice, some were even carefully manipulated into people! Well done to our all the children for their super roll designs and especially to our two winners!
We have also been learning to add and retell the sequence of baking bread. Have a look at some of our work in the photos below.  
Wednesday 9th November 2016
This week has already been so busy! Both classes have visited the bakery at Milton Tesco and had their first forest schools session at the school nature area. Today we have heard the chicks cheeping inside their shells and one has begun to pip! 
Wednesday 2nd November 2016
Check out the video below, can you see the chick breathing inside it's shell?
Tuesday  1st November 2016
This week has already been jam packed with exciting things! Yesterday we went on the Cambridge Learning Bus and heard the story of the Crunching Munching Caterpillar. We talked about our five senses and then made sun catchers to hang in our windows at home - a treat for the eyes! Today we walked up to the nature area in full waterproofs in preparation for forest schools next week! Photos to follow, keep your eye out!
Monday 17th October 2016
This week we are basing our learning on the story Room on the Broom. Today we learned the story and worked hard on hearing the initial sounds of the characters. This afternoon we made the witch fly - have a look at our video below. Can you work out how we did it?
Friday 7th October 2016
This week we have started our story of We're Going on a Bear Hunt. We have all had a great time retelling the story and creating actions. We have also been working hard to develop our fine motor skills; activities included cotton bud painting and cutting.
Tuesday 27th September 2016
Today we were thinking about how different we all are, yet also how similar! We have different faces; eye colour, skin colour, hair colour, we are different heights and sizes, and we wear different clothes. But we are also similar...We like playing with the same things and we are all in Reception at Shirley School! We also talked about how families can be different too.
Then we had super fun drawing/building around our friend's bodies! We turned out to be a range of different shapes and sizes!
Friday 23rd September 2016
Well done Reception - you have completed your first full time week at school! We are very proud of you. It has been a busy and tiring week where the children have continued to get used to the routines, rules and expectations of their class. We have been talking about what we look like and drawing self-portraits. We were also thinking about how we can keep the insides of our body healthy by eating certain foods everyday and other foods as a treat.
Today RLJ visited the Life Education Bus, but it wasn't really a bus at all! We learnt about the different parts of our bodies and how we could get energy. We also met a giraffe called Harold who was feeling a bit sad because he missed his Mummy, so we thought of ideas to cheer him up and told him these over the phone!
Tuesday 13th September 2016
Today the children had a great time playing in our new sandpit! The most popular theme was making ice creams, and who can blame them on a sunny day like this! All of Reception have now stayed for lunch too and they have done brilliantly; saying 'please' and 'thank you', carrying their trays, using a knife and fork, and filling their boots on the school meals. Well done Reception!
Below are a few photos from our settling in classroom activities.
Friday 9th September 2016
We have had a super start to our school year by welcoming our new Reception children! They are already showing how grown up and 'school ready' they are by settling in so quickly. We are looking forward to the next big step; with children staying for school lunches from Monday!