Blogs: R 2015-16

Welcome to our Reception Blog and Twitter feed. Scroll down past our Twitter feed to find out in more detail the things we have been learning, including photos.
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Tuesday 5th July
Just to say what fantastic effort by all the children who took part in our sports morning today. Events included sack jumping, target throwing, obstacle course and running races. You made all the Reception staff very proud!
Thursday 30th June
Wow! What a fabulous afternoon we have had! We had a go at being in the circus by attempting juggling and slack rope walking! We were also amazed at Chris' juggling demonstration, it has inspired us all to learn the skill. We also made clown plates for our balloons and had our faces painted. A huge thank you to Finley's parents for helping us to have a super fun afternoon!
Wednesday 22nd June
On Monday RSR had a very soggy morning at forest school, RLH were unable to go in the afternoon because the waterproofs were so wet! In the classroom, we have been making repeating circus patterns and paper plate clowns. Yesterday was heritage day and we located where children or their families were from on a world map. We are very lucky to have such diversity in our classes.
Friday 10th June 2016
This week we started our new topic; Let Me Entertain You! We learnt some magic tricks and Mrs Sanders and Miss Harnwell read our minds by guessing the colour of a crayon that they were holding behind their backs! We also talked about healthy eating and made monster sandwiches - see the pictures below. We also did some magical maths with a doubling machine and some moving beanstalks. Today we started practise for sports day, which is coming up on 5th July!
Thursday 26th May 2016
On Monday it was Science Day for Reception. We explored floating and sinking; making pirate ships to investigate which materials made good ships. We also looked at shadows, although the sun wasn't on our side for this investigation!
Tuesday 17th May 2016
So far this week...
We have drawn treasure maps, which we will add instructions or labels to so that pirates have the best chance of finding the treasure! We have all been forest learning, RSR at Bramblefields and RLH in the nature area. Look below at some of our pictures from this week, including super writing!
Tuesday 10th May 2016
This week we started our new topic of Pirates. We have already listened to and retold our story / song, Port Side Pirates and are going to be practising it lots! We really enjoyed going out to Bramblefields as pirates too!
Thursday 21st April 2016
This week we have found out who has been coming into our classrooms! You won't believe it, but it is actually a T-Rex! We caught the dinosaur on camera during the night. Have a look at the video to see it for yourself! We also saw some pterodactyls flying over the nature area during forest learning, not to mention another tyrrannosaurus getting very close to some of the children. Where are all these dinosaurs living? If you know, then please write and let us know. We would love to meet them!
Tuesday 12th April 2016
BREAKING NEWS! Children returned to school today to find the classrooms had been broken into! Enormous footprints were left from the classroom doors leading right up to the space rockets. Inside the space area tables and chairs had been turned upside down and astronaut suits were strewn over the floor. Who could it have been? So far the suspects include a T-Rex, ghost, Mrs Leach, monster, stegasaurus, lizard and the Gruffalo. We will keep you informed if there are any further developments, but in the meantime we urge you to keep all doors and windows locked.
Thursday 24th March 2016
Yesterday we had another fantastic wedding! Thank you to Shruti's Mum and Dad for helping us out with all the preparations and leading our Hindu Wedding. It was brilliant to see the differences between a Hindu and Christian wedding.
Tuesday 22nd March 2016
What a totally FABULOUS day! Congratulations to our now happily married couple. It was a lovely service, complete with a reading and two songs. Such perfect weather for a March wedding too. The reception was filled with food, drinking 'champagne' and dancing the waltz - very sophisticated. The photos tell the story really...
Monday 14th March 2016
Hello, sorry we haven't written for a while. Last week was great with visits from Peter rabbit and Winnie the puppy. We all really enjoyed meeting them and learning how to look after them and it led to some super instruction writing. 
This week we are starting our new topic of Weddings. We are so excited and can't wait to get the preparations underway tomorrow!
Thursday 25th February 2016
Apologies for not adding this entry yesterday, but we were exhausted! What a fantastic day we had on our trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park! Throughout the day children explored the park in small groups and were able to see the range of animals that are there. These included tigers, lemurs, owls, rabbits, woild, otters, parrots, alpacca's and lots more. Below are just a selection of the many photos we took. 
We also had a hands on session where we learnt about nocturnal animals and touched or held a giant stick insect! It was a brilliant day and we can do lots of activities to follow up the children's interests. Thank you to Shepreth Wildlife Park and to all the adults who helped.
Tuesday 23rd February 2016
Today, after a couple of weeks away, RLH went back to the nature area for forest learning. We were very excited to see frog's spawn in the pond! We're going to keep a close eye on it to see when the tadpoles hatch. See if you can spot it in our photo below. We also enjoyed measuring different things, but especially trees and sticks!
Tuesday 9th February 2016
Yesterday we celebrated Chinese New Year. We did lots of activities and found out about why each new year is named after an animal. 
Today we were so lucky to have Northern Ballet come in to do a workshop with all of us! We listened to the story of The Tortoise and The Hare and learnt to move like the different animals. It was fantastic! They are performing the story in Cambridge on 22nd March, click here to book tickets!
Friday 29th January 2016
This week we have written descriptions of The Gruffalo and made Gruffalo crumble! We have also had fun role playing in the Police Station.
Tuesday 26th January 2016
We can now reveal that there is a Gruffalo in our Nature area! He was spotted again this morning during RLH's forest learning time. Luckily, we tricked him and he thinks we are super scary and want to eat him in Gruffalo crumble!
Monday 25th January 2016
Today we were very excited to start our new topic of The Gruffalo! He was even spotted in the nature area during RSR's forest learning. Oh help, oh no, it's THE GRUFFALO!
Friday 8th January 2016
It has been great to see everyone again after a well deserved Christmas break. This week we conducted an investigation to see where ice would melt the quickest. Have a look at our pictures below to see what happened.
We have also been thinking about feelings and emotions, and used an App to create a book - with lots of super photos of children feeling different things!
Wednesday 9th December 2015
Guess who has been to visit the Reception classrooms? Santa's Elves! We even caught one on CCTV! They would like to use our classroom role play areas as a workshop, because there isn't enough space in the workshop in the North Pole! We have written back and of course said yes, and since been busy transforming our cafe / bakery into Santa's workshop! 
Friday 4th December 2015
We have been practising our Christmas production lots and lots this week - we are really looking forward to showing you in a couple of weeks time. We have also had fun learning the story of The Smartest Giant In Town, thinking about how we can be kind and helpful, and putting our Christmas tree up!
Thursday 26th November 2015
What a great Goldilocks and the Three Bears topic we have had, topped off by a hugely successful Goldilocks Cafe this afternoon! A huge thank you to the staff and parents that helped, and to all the families that came. The children did a brilliant job of taking orders and serving the fabulous food they made yesterday. We all LOVED it! 
Wednesday 18th November 2015
Today we all enjoyed bringing a bear to breakfast to practise our hosting skills for our upcoming Goldilocks Cafe. Children played the role of customers and Cafe staff, to order breakfast from the menu. Bear toast was a firm favourite!
Thursday 12th November 2015
What a great week we've been having! Both classes walked to St. George's church to experience a cafe, put on by Reverand Ruth Adams and volunteers from the church. We had a fantastic time and we are sure it will help the children to act out and play the role of customers and waiting staff in their Cafe role play areas. Thank you for letting us come along!
This evening we had a super turnout at our Bedtime Stories workshop! We were thrilled to see so many of you; parents, Reception children and siblings all come along in your pyjamas to enjoy stories and hot chocolate together. Miss Harnwell sends apologies for not remembering to bring her pyjamas to wear! Thank you to everyone that was able to come along - we hope that you can continue to enjoy storytime with your child, using some new ideas to support their reading and love for books.
Sadly we forgot to take pictures at Bedtime Stories :( !
Thursday 5th November 2015
After much anticipation, this afternoon the Reception children of Shirley School finally found out who won the Great Reception Bake Off. Mrs Morris judged the winning bread roll to be a beautiful butterfly creation. The winner was presented with the highly prestigious Bake Off crown and a beautiful bouquet of autumn leaves. 
The entries to the competition were all superb and head judge Mrs Morris had to be stopped when she tried to eat them all. "They just all smelt so delicious!" She commented in her defence. The bakers worked hard throughout yesterday afternoon and this morning to shape their bread rolls into imaginative creations, including plaits, knots, turtles, trains, ladybirds and letters. 
A huge congratulations to all the competitors for some truly exquisite baking. 
Tuesday 3rd November 2015
RLH went to the nature area for forest schools for the first time this morning! We enjoyed exploring the area, climbing trees, making leaf pictures and playing bear hunt games!
Wednesday 21st October 2015
Today has been such an exciting day! Throughout the day four of our chicks have hatched and some of us watched as it happened! The chicks were very tired after more than one day of trying to get out, so they look a bit sleepy in our pictures. When they are fluffy we will move them into the brooder box, which has got a special heater to help keep them warm.
Today RLH went to Tesco Bakery at Milton. We went into the bakery and saw the huge mixer they used to make their bread dough. We also got to touch, squeeze and smell the dough, before getting some to make our own delicious rolls. It was a fantastic morning! RSG will be visiting tomorrow.
Tuesday 20th October 2015
We have amazing news! The eggs we have been incubating for the past three weeks have now started to hatch! The chicks inside have pipped at the shells, but as it's such hard work none of them have broken through completely yet. The children have been fascinated at watching them wiggling and listening to them cheeping inside the incubator. We just hope when they come to school tomorrow there will be some chicks waiting for them. How eggciting!
Thursday 15th October 2015
This afternoon we had a very exciting Skype chat with a farmer! We saw his combine harvester,  crops, seeds and some sheep! We also asked lots of questions; Can you grow chocolate on a farm? Do you have to get up very early? What do sheep eat?
We ended by telling him our story of The Little Red Hen and he was super impressed!
Thursday 8th October 2015
Thank you to everyone who came along to our literacy and phonics parent workshop this morning. It was a great turnout and we hope it was valuable. Keep an eye out for our Bedtime Stories workshop which is coming up after half term. If you were unable to make it you can find the information and resources on our Parent Workshops page. 
This week we have been on a chocolate hunt! We changed our story and met different obstacles on our hunt for chocolate, although we did manage to find it in the end! We have also been learning sounds in phonics; s, a, t, p. We have made snakes, tarantulas and pizzas with lots of 'p' toppings. Lots of us have also become astronauts! We hope you enjoy looking at our photos below!
Thursday 1st October 2015
This week we have had a great time learning and retelling our story; 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. On Monday and Tuesday all the children went on their own bear hunt and we found a bear in the nature area!
Friday 25th September
Another busy week and all the children have enjoyed staying the whole day, getting to know their new classmates and teachers! We have had fun singing lots of songs and learning lots of new games. It was great to see all the children taking part in our PE lessons today and what a super job they did moving around the hall in different ways. Today was Eco Day and RSR had a busy afternoon finding out about how we look after our school environment.
Miss Harnwell, Mrs Sanders and Mrs Roe
Thursday 17th September 2015
This week we have been staying for lunch and we are doing so well! We are all trying school dinners and finding them very tasty!
Wednesday 9th September
We had such a fantastic and busy day with some of our new Reception children. We are looking forward to seeing them again, and all the other children, throughout the rest of this week!
Thursday 16th June
Today was health day. We visited different classrooms to carry out activities related to being healthy. We made healthy food, talked about our favourite foods and whether or not they were good for us, and learnt about where our food comes from. 
This week we have also thought about what we would like a magic potion to turn us into, and then made the potion!
Friday 4th September 2015
A big thank you to everyone who came to the Teddy Bears Picnic this afternoon. It was great to see so many of our new children and their families. We are looking forward to welcoming the new children in from Wednesday!