At Shirley

Our children are encouraged right from the start of school to take books home regularly, and it is important for them to read with parents throughout their time in school. This helps the children to develop better fluency and understanding.

Reading Diaries
Children are given an orange 'reading diary' to record what they have read outside of school. While some older children can be given the responsibility of keeping their own reading diaries up to date, younger children will need an adult to fill in what has been read. We understand that parents may sometimes find it difficult to fit in a daily read at home, but this adult could be an older sibling or any other fluent reader.

There is a space in the diary for your remarks about your child's reading and we encourage you to use this creatively. For example:
  • Make note of two or three words your child struggled with and revisit these the next time you read together
  • Record a new word with a definition you have explained or looked up together
  • Use the space to record a question you have asked and your child's answer
  • Make an encouraging remark to boost your child's confidence - use smiley faces and stickers
  • Ask your child to write a one-sentence summary of what they've read
  • Your child records three interesting words they want to use in their own writing
  • When the book is finished, your child gives it a rating and a reason why they liked/didn't like it.
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