National Anti-Bullying Week 14th November - 18th November 2016

During Anti-bullying week all children at Shirley School have been working hard to raise awareness of what bullying behaviour is and what it is not. Shirley School is proud to have children from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds and, as you will see from the children’s work during this week, everyone at Shirley agrees that ‘difference’ is something to be celebrated and that there is no place for bullying behaviour. We have the power to put a stop to bullying behaviour.


Shirley School children have agreed that bullying behaviour:

Is repetitive – it’s not something that just happens once

Is intentional – it does not happen by accident and involves misusing power


The children have agreed that bullying behaviour is not:

 A negative incident that occurs only once between two or more people.


Take a look at some of the work that has been produced during the week and watch out for our anti-bullying newsletter written by our School Council and being sent out soon.


We made video clips to show the different forms of bullying and so that we can all have a clear understanding of what is and what is not bullying.
Watch the videos below and watch this space as there are more videos coming soon.
To see our Anti-bullying policy please click here. Also, look at the 'supporting your child' tab to see how you can support your child with any issues related to bullying.
The School council have assisted in writing a newsletter to parents about bullying.