National Anti-Bullying Week 16th November to 20th November 2020
'United Against Bullying'

During Anti-bullying week all children at Shirley School worked hard to raise awareness of what bullying behaviour is and what it is not. Shirley School is proud to have children from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds and, as you will see from the children’s work during the week, everyone at Shirley agrees that ‘difference’ is something to be celebrated and that there is no place for bullying behaviour. We have the power to put a stop to bullying behaviour.


Shirley School children have agreed that bullying behaviour:

Is repetitive – it’s not something that just happens once

Is intentional – it does not happen by accident

and involves misusing power


The children have agreed that bullying behaviour is not:

 A negative incident that occurs only once between two or more people.


Take a look at some of the work that has been produced during previous anti-bullying weeks and read our anti-bullying newsletter.


Kidscape - Help with Bullying
Kidscape provides advice and support for parents and carers concerned about bullying.  Information is available through the Kidscape website and social media channels, through the Kidscape Parent Advice Line, and regular peer to peer support groups.  Parents can also attend workshops to help them support their children through their journey.

Other useful websites for parents:


• Parent Zone (digital family life)

• Red Balloon Learner Centres

• YoungMinds (for support with mental health)

• Papyrus UK (suicide prevention support)

• Report Harmful Content (for cyberbullying and online harms)

• Childnet International (for cyberbullying and online harms)

• Internet Matters (for cyberbullying and online harms)

• Anti-Bullying Alliance: Parent and Carer Online Tool www.anti-bullyingalliance.

To see our Anti-bullying policy and charter please see the links below.
The newsletter to parents has been sent out and is available to view below
The children worked hard during anti-bullying week creating posters, poems, role plays and signing our anti-bullying charter. Look out for all our work displayed around the school and here are some examples below.